We're inviting you, your organization, and your leaders to join the conversation.
At Stryde we believe that change happens through a two way dialogue and seek to engage people through our special events and our signature keynotes. In both cases we offer dynamic, interactive, and memorable presentations designed to connect advice with inspiration.


Special Events  

STRYDE 400 Speakers Series: Where advice meets inspiration

The Stryde 400 is our signature speaker series where advice meets inspiration. In this post-work event young leaders are invited to an intimate networking opportunity with like minded, high-trajectory peers.  We've collected an inspiring group of seasoned industries leaders who will share their advice in a unique pecha kucha presentation style where each presenter gets 20 seconds for each of their 20 slides to present their topic. In 90 minutes participants have the opportunity to hear 6-8 inspiring speakers share salient stories on their best career and life strategies. 

Stay tuned for our firs event in the fall of 2010

Setting the Pace: Personal Development Workshop Series

The early part of your career is filled with challenges and opportunities. It's quite easy to want to get better, but difficult to actually take action. Where do you start? What can you do to accelerate your learning? The Stryde Personal Development Workshops will be launched in the Fall of 2010 and cover a range of topics from How to Run Kick-Ass Meetings to goal setting to building your personal brand. We know your time is in demand so these half-day Saturday sessions will be jam-packed with tips that will give you the boost you need, but you'll walk away having made progress on the advice we share.

Stay tuned on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for news on these in the fall of 2010




Signature Keynotes



Next Gen Organizations  – 60-90 minute keynote
An innovative session with Daneal Charney providing insight into Next-Gen Organizations. Daneal explores why these organizations are the only sustainable model for the future, what they look like through case study examples, and how they will capture the value of N-Gen leaders

Leading Outside of the Lines - 60-90 minute keynote

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi
If your organization talks about inspiring innovation inside your organization – this course is a must-see.  In this provocative 60 minutes, Daneal Charney shares how you create innovation inside your team by being the change you want to see.  She shares five simple strategies that you can start making today to create a more innovative team.
Wake Up! It's Gen-Y Calling – 60 minute keynote or 4-8 hour workshop
This keynote is based on the three foundational principles at the heart of keeping your Gen Y engaged and retained.  In a longer format, we will help your organization integrate these three principles into your on-boarding and retention strategies, performance management practices, and leadership programs.
Developing the Next Generation Leaders – 60 minute keynote or 4-8 hour workshop
This keynote will introduce you to the leadership strategies and practices of the best N-Gen companies.  You will learn why these strategies have been so successful in enabling and growing the next generation of leaders.